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Take your Skrofy and jump from bar to bar. It's just a matter of timing. But beware, the SkrofyCruncher is on lunch break! KRRR!

You control a Skrofy and every time you fly or jump past a bar, you need to hold on and activate it. KRRR! Once you've reached the correct take-off angle, jump to the next bar. KRRR!

The higher up on the bar you land, the faster it will tip. If you jump too low, the bar won't tip at all. Instead the SkrofyCruncher comes, and it likes to eat Skrofies. So, get to the bar top to be able to quickly jump to the next bar. KRRR!


  • Camera follows player (can be switched off)
  • Skrofy can be personalised (male, female etc.)
  • KRRR!COINs to collect

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